OPITO Rigger Competence Assessment (Stage 3) or Reassessment (Stage 4)

This is a 2 day assessment or reassessment and there is NO training involved - only assessment of your competence as a Rigger

OPITO Rigger Assessment and Reassessment (Stage 3 or 4):

This is a 2 day assessment or reassessment and there is no training involved. The instructor will assess if you have the competency to become a Stage 3 (assessment) or stage 4 (reassessment) rigger, meaning you can draw up plans, carry out complicated and complex lifting operations without supervision. You will be required to perform all tasks as in the OPITO Rigger Initial Training course, as well as show understanding of reading lifting plans. This assessment will show the assessor what you have learnt in the field during the completion of your Workplace Experience Logbook.

Prerequisites for OPITO Rigger Assessment (Stage 3):
Prerequisites Rigger Competence Assessment (stage 3) delegates must possess:
(a) A valid OPITO-approved Rigger Initial Training Certificate
(b) A fully completed and valid OPITO Rigger Workplace Experience Logbook and supporting evidence each of the 10 tasks, such as a copy of the lifting plan, permit or tool box talk, based on the OPITO Rigger Initial Training Standard and Rigger Workplace Experience Logbook requirements, which has been signed as true and valid by the employing company head of discipline or the employing company discipline manager and confirmed by the Centre as being present and correct prior to assessment taking place.
(c) A OPITO Approved Rigger Competence Assessment or Re-Assessment Certificate awarded within the previous 30 months*
(d) Evidence that they have been assessed as competent and have achieved an equivalent qualification/certification by a nationally recognised awarding body, awarded with the previous 30 months. Please note that after two years the certificate would no longer be valid (see Note 1 below).
Note 1: Learners who possess an OPITO Rigger Assessment or Re-Assessment Certificate (or equivalent) which has expired by more than 6 months will be required to attend the OPITO Rigger Initial Training prior to undertaking the Rigger Competence Assessment. In these instances, there will be no requirement to complete a Work Experience Logbook.

Prerequisites for OPITO Rigger Reassessment (Stage 4):  OPITO Rigger Assessment certificate (stage 3) 

COST R16,800

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