OPITO LOLER Competent Person Assessment

The aim of the OPITO LCP Competence Assessment (no training) is to establish that the learner has the required underpinning knowledge, understanding and skills to undertake the role as a LOLER Competent Person / LOLER Focal Point at the workplace.

LOLER Competent Person

The LOLER Competent Person plans or approves all lifting operations in the workplace to ensure that the lifting operations are in compliance with LOLER regulations and company procedures. The LCP must have the theoretical knowledge and operational experience to select the appropriate lifting equipment to be used and plan how it should be used, determine the suitable levels of supervision for the lifting operations and be able to verify/manage the contents of the rigging loft or other equipment store.

LCP Competence Assessment
The target group for the LCP Competence Assessment is personnel who have been recommended to take on the LCP role by their sponsoring company and are required to be assessed against the competence assessment criteria in this standard. This is not a training course and the ideal candidate have experience in drawing up lift plans, risk assessment, toolbox talks etc.

LCP Competence Reassessment
The target group for the LCP Competence Reassessment is personnel who have been previously assessed and deemed competed and are required to have their competence reassessed in order to maintain the LCP role.

Prerequisites for the LCP Competence Assessment:
    • It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that learners are ready to be assessed. Learners must possess:
    • (a) Suitable and relevant experience in both crane operations and hoisting and lifting operations involving the use of portable lifting equipment.
    • (b) A formal letter from the current employer on company letterhead recommending the learner for LCP assessment confirming his/her relevant lifting operations knowledge and experience (refer to (c) below) and supervisory capability. This letter shall be sent directly from the employer to the Assessment Centre prior to the assessment taking place.
    • (c) Knowledge and experience of:
      1. LOLER, PUWER and HASAWA regulations
      2. Safe Systems of Work
      3. Assessment of personnel
      4. Management of personnel
      5. The inspection of lifting equipment and the concept of discard criteria
      6. Safe use of lifting equipment
      7. The management of rigging lofts
      8. The planning of lifting operations
      9. Risk assessment

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